Name a non-English song that you like?

It can be a song from your native language, or a totally different language that you cannot at all understand/speak.

This is my choice, so far xD

Thanks everyone! I'll take some time to go through the list and find songs that I like. :D


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  • I usually listen to love songs in Spanish for some reason, Ig they're what catches my attention the most. I like any Spanish song I can dance to though like bachata or salsa :)
    This is an old song, she's one of my mom's favorite singers ever. I feel weird for liking it but whatever, I think it's beautiful.


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  • I listen to a lot of non-English music, so it was very hard to pick a few.
    This here is my favorite Korean band. They're called 버스거 버스거 (Busker Busker) and the song is called 여수 밤바다 ("Yeosu in the night at the sea"). Yeosu is a very pretty town on the southern cost of South Korea. It's famous for it's calm atmosphere and it's good seafood. The song is especially pretty if you understand the lyrics.

    Next, I also listen to a lot of Italian music. One of my favorite Italian singers is Eros Ramazotti. One song of him that I like a lot is "Una storia importante" ("An important story"). I grew up to my parents listening a lot to Ramazotti's music during long car drives. That's why nowadays, I still his this music best when I'm travelling :-).

    And finally, I want to post one song from my own language Swiss. My favorite Swiss band is called "Stiller Has" (Silent rabbit). And this song is called Geischterbahn ("ghost train"). The band and especially the singer are kind of special and a little weird but that's why many people like them. They're kind of like The Doors of Switzerland :-). This song that I'm posting here was uploaded by myself. If you like the music, please like or subscribe to my channel :-).


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