Why do people want to believe their ideas are pure and original?

I have this question for homework and if you could help thanks

Thank you for all the help :) much appreciated xoxo


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  • Because ideas are born of people's consciousness, their personalities. If a person's ideas are not pure and original; then neither are they, they won't feel special, they'll feel unremarkable and invisible... they'll end up jumping off a bridge.


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  • well you'd first have to ask why the question itself believes that people want to believe their ideas are pure and original.

    who made such a statement? and how accurate of a statement is it? because i could honestly tell you that i dont give af if i do something original or not, as long as im having good times.

    • I read it as 'why do the people who want to believe their ideas are original want to do so'. There are undoubtedly many people like this. I'd say it's simply an expression of ego, an aspect of status seeking in an animal with social hierarchy. An instinct developed because the consequence of status is to facilitate getting your genes into the next generation.

    • @Tromba that makes sense, the real downer is that they put so much emphasis on being original, its like seriously, just chill lol. i can completely understand when it is in the form of business and product, thats why copyright laws exist, but for simple things like whoever started this trend or that whatever, its all blech

    • Yeah, what you are seeing there is someone who is just clumsy as status seeking. It's kind of distressing because you have sympathy for the impulse but they are just so bad at it they are getting the reverse effect. I'm thinking 'please just stop'.

  • My ideas are very much original. This doesn't mean they're good ideas, only that they're unique.

  • that's when you are young
    once you get older
    people realize there sluts


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