Is there any way I can work at a store without having to work the cash register?

I need a new job that's flexible and pays well so I can pay for my courses and other expenses the thing is I suck at math even basic math so can I work at a store and tell them cashering Is the only thing I can't do or don't want to do?


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  • Uh, don't tell them that. Because that's the same as telling them this: "If you under-pay me, I won't notice."

    And a LOT of employers will do EXACTLY that.

    • But I just can't do cashiering I'll make a fool of myself. And I know that the computer says it but I'm slow at counting change too

    • Do you know of any other stress free high paying jobs?

  • The register will tell you the correct change to give. I'm more than sure you can count change.