Any other pagans and witches here?

I know most people dont believe witches are real so skeptical opinions are not welcome. I never chose to be a witch but i am one. Sometimes i dream about the future, make electronic things go crazy, read peoples minds and im able to do some spells.


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  • I believe in magic...

    I'd really like to know which ma element's and learn some elemental spells...

    I always assumed it's water since I'm a Scorpio... but is it possible another way to find?

    • Im a scorpio as well but i still dont know which is my element. You should try experimenting with them and try to see which one makes you feel energized and alive

    • Maybe fire could be... I love summer and sun... and I don't get much burned when I touch hot water or something hot generally... I can't verify it yet though...

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  • You do realize that this is a tricky environment to trust with such information? To anyone here you could be an internet troll, and also you become an easy victim for internet trolls by being so open about this.
    That being said, good luck with finding the people you're looking for :)


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  • I hope you remember what the people of England used to do to your kind

    Maybe one day we get to find out if you float

    • Lmao what a fucking asshole

    • What? You're calling me an asshole? You're the only one here who's an asshole. . . asshole

      I don't have to take that from an anon girl

  • Pagan, technically. I don't believe in magic, but I do believe that spells exist, through the force of our mind, and the use of certain herbs/trances.


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