I actually saw it happen, did I catch the universe off guard?

I saw it happen, trust me I really did and I wouldn't lie about this.

So you know that one thing you had that seems to have somehow just dissapeared? It could be a pair of underwear, a sweater, a cd, a game, a usb cable or anything. You know what Im talking about.
Well, I SAW it happen. In my case it was a pair of sunglasses.

So I've gone out to the shops before work and I just came home to change my shirt.
Right before I go to pull my shirt up and off, I take my sunglasses off and carelessly throw them down onto my bed which I'm standing in front of and they land on it but it isn't solid enough contact so I pause the action of taking the shirt off and SEE them roll off the edge and DON'T hit the ground! They just dissapeared right in front of my eyes and there's nothing on the floor or anything for them to hide in. They're just gone and don't exist anymore. There is no explanation for what happened.

Freaky right?


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  • Actually when I was still a young lad, my brother and I would play with these figures, not quite sure how to explain it, but anyway.. one of them had lost a leg and an arm
    and somehow, one day, we had an exact copy.. like, two exact copies, same bruises and such. And this happened more than once.

    But who could really say what was true or not. ^.^

    • It's the unexplained. More unexplained shit just keeps building up. Could it be we're all just part of a huge computer program and there are small glitches in the system?

    • More like the universe is an unstable mind, and each of us are thought fragments. ^.~

  • nigga you crazy!

    • Unless something flipped in my brain that makes my eyes unable to see that particular pair of sunnies anymore, them just disappearing is the only other explanation

  • U r losing ur mind lol

    • No, they really did just vanish right before my eyes.
      If they didn't then where are they? Why aren't they on the floor or on the bed or anywhere?

  • wow... search it properly

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