Guys, My friend is gay, he is close friends with a guy I think is definitely a miscer. Should I tell him he's gay before they go on a trip together?

Ok so I have a guy friend who is gay
He is friends with a guy who I definitely think is a miscer. My gay guy friend is going with him and some other girls to Florida near Disney world in a hotel. They plan to get drunk
Gay guy friend thinks he is cute and has a picture of him in his phone
My gay friend and the miscer definitely got a bromance going on. My gay friend thinks he is straight. Miscer is gay guy's mentor and they are new business partners. They work for themselves and meet anywhere to discuss business

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  • I'm a girl and I'm mad that I can not answer this question
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  • tell miscer
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  • do not tell miscer let him find out for himself
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  • i lurk bodybuilding. com you mad bro?
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  • Strong default pic to gay guy situation ratio

    • Chris Evans is my profile pic that guy's body can do no wrong
      You mad that I fap to misc pics when I lurk?

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    • Too bad I am his side kick alrdy, mad or nahz

    • Winter soldier had strong homoerotic undertones
      And did you see the captain america civil war trailer? It was even more homoerotic

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  • Tell the gay friend that you don't think the miscer is into him. That way your friend doesn't hit on him and make it awkward

  • hahaha
    bb. com misc is legit armpit of the internet baha