I would rather a girl cut my hair, but guys working in hair shops are they gay? What do you think about this?

I always rther a girl to cut my hair but however what about those guys working in the hair shops are they gay? What do you think about them? Should I or would you assum that a guy that's about to cut my or your hair is gay? I don't want some guy putting his eye on me.


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  • Why would them cutting male hair mean they're gay? And why would that make them any less efficient at their job anyway? Their sexual orientation makes no difference. Guys usually learn how to cut guys' hair because that's what they have more experience with, the same way girls usually learn how to cut girls' hair because they have personal experience with it.

    • A guy has to make a living too I get it. But when I go to get my hair cut I like it when a girl cuts my hair, it's a guy thing and I like to cut up and talk while the girl is cutting my hair. But when a guy takes me to a chair it makes me nervous because I know there will be no real conversation and I don't know if he's gay going through my hair. I always assume he's gay.

    • As I said, even if he is gay, does that matter? It doesn't mean that he cuts your hair any worse than a straight man or woman would do, so there's no problem. You also can't guarantee that a woman cutting your hair would be straight.

    • It makes me nervous to think he's gay which is why I asked what the odds are. As for her, she may be gay but she's still a woman.

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