Is it okay to be a fool for one person? For one person to just make you completely stupid?

This is kinda weird to ask, but I have never in my 22 years felt so knocked off my feet before.. I met this guy a couple of months ago.. And I am so stupid for him. I'll do things for him I wouldn't do for any others, and he isn't deserving. He isn't down for something real, but like a hopeful fool... I hang in there and keep trying. Even when he's talking to other girls. Even when I know he only thinks of me in terms of sex. I remain hopeful. I'm always there for him. I send him nudes. I would do anything for him sexually. I'm always willing to be there for him. And for other guys, I've never been this way. He's got me as putty in his hands, and strangely, half the time I like it and enjoy it... The other half its destroying me... (Like when I see that he is on tinder talking to other girls). I keep hoping he will come around... But that's so foolish of me to believe. Am I stupid? Otherwise I go to a private straight -a student school, working for premed. Like, this shouldn't be happening :(


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  • No your not stupid. Your just attracted to a bad boy type. It can happen to anybody. We all might meet that one person we do anything for. With this guy that seems to be the case. The best advice I cam tell you is that you have to slowly pull yourself away from him. I know it want be easy and it will hard and tough. Look at him as a bad addiction. When something is bad we have to find ways to move past the bad to something good. I don't think he will ever change his ways since he is in tinder and dating other girls. One thing I learn is you can never change a person no matter how much you do for them. A person has to change and better themselves.

    • Thank you very much for the upvote.

    • You're welcome. I know I can't change him, and that's what's so upsetting... He begs for me to trust him, but then he just lies to me without a thought. Never have I understood the concept of the heart and brain being at war with each other as much as I do now :( this isn't something I wish to feel again soon.

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  • Trust me you aren't the only girl who is a good girl (educated, beautiful, great personality 10/10) who just acts completely stupid and irrational around that ONE guy. It's seriously only one guy too.
    Count me In as one. i have beautiful girlfriends who are going through the same shit and it's nice being able to relate to them.