What are the reasons a guy would stray from his partner?

When he falls out with her , instead of resolving it he starts straying and trying to get attention from other women including his ex

Reasons please?

  • Don't marry this guy. Just don't.
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  • Nah he's just bored you're safe :)
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  • He's not interested anymore, but any partner should have enough respect to tell their lover or whatever that they're bored.

    • But thats rude

    • It's a whole lot better than trying to get attention from other women.. definitely the ex!

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  • There are so many reasons. I honestly feel like if a guy isn't the right one, the direction the wind is blowing is going to be a reason for him to leave.

    It could be from plain stupidity, following on impulses, lack of love for the person or from the person, could also be that they are just a bad person and don't care about their partner so they just leave. There are so many reasons.

    The way that I choose to look at it, from being dumped many times. Is if a guy is if a guy is willing to lose you, then he's probably not worth keeping.

    Find a guy who wants to stay with you and is willing to work on the relationship. Not a guy who is seeking to solve his problems outside of the relationship. That is a huge red flag. Definitely don't marry him! You deserve so much better!

    He could just be trying to make you jealous, but then that hows that he is a very vindictive and immature person. Don't marry him!!

  • haha! Why would you marry him?

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