Do face close up photos make you look better or not?

No photoshop involved, just close up photos of your face, make it look better or not?


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  • This is an odd question. It comes down to the filter and natural attractiveness. Most cameras will show every defect be it gobs of makeup, smiles lines, teeth, skin in general.

    I have less than a dozen close up pictures take. By someone else where I wasn't expecting it.

    These close up pictures caught the me my friends and boyfriend saw. I hate posing for pictures and the stupid smile I wear.

    Pictures taken at close range by the people I loved most are amazing. One time I didn't even recognize myself in a picture because it was a different angle.

    If you have really nice skin it will make your prettier if not it won't.

    • the reason i asked is because my friend in close ups pictures seems younger than the normal ones and i was wondering if thats the case with all because i have no idea about photography. Thank you for the answer

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