How was your day (so far)?

Good morning/evening/night?

My day was sadly not too good. It was really bad. I had a major relapse and forced myself to call my eating support, which isn't good as I'm trying to prove to my psyc. and nurses that I can take care of myself on my own. My E. S only came by and checked me up and left, managed to force some nutridrink in me first though.

My friend came by and took me out shopping and I bought socks with avocados on, just to prove my love for them haha.

Returned home and my mood went even more downhill and I relapsed into old habits.

All in all - a very, very, very bad day.
I am a bit angry at myself, as I haven't been able to eat today.
But tomorrow is a new day, where I will continue to fight.
I did find a brand new package of red L. A in my bag, that I purchased last week, so that's kind of awesome.

How about you?


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  • It's goin' good, d00d.


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  • I'm sorry your day hasn't gone so well. Hopefully, things look up and that you found at least a few things to smile over. My day has been okay. I'm still not feeling 100%, but better than I have been the past few days, so that's positive. It's rainy out, but I'll take that over snow. I'm ready for the sun and warmer weather.


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  • (About 1:50pm where I live) It took me forever to get up and shower. I'm still tired, and,(as always), lonely and bored. A very typical day so far. (It's been like this for yeeears...)


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  • It's good. Deciding between masturbating and napping before work right meow.

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