Boyfriend wants to "be inside" another girl?

i heard him talking to his friend about a new girl he saw at school and his friend asked something about her and my boyfriend said something. then his friend said yeah i saw you checkin her out you were so obvious about it that even i noticed. then he said i want to be inside her and they half smiled and laughed. they dont know that i heard them. is my boyfriend attracted to her?

  • he probably thinks she's super hot and hotter than you
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  • he probably thinks she's very pretty, prettier than you
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  • he probably thinks she and you are equally attractive
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  • he would probably dump you for her
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  • he probably thinks she's uglier than you
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  • Ok well being "inside her" means he wants to have sex with her and you said you heard them say he was checking her out so draw your conclusion from that


Most Helpful Girl

  • He finds her sexually appealing. I don't think I would like to hear my boyfriend say something like that, I would have a talk to him about it

    • i don't want him to think I'm spying on him

    • Just tell him that you over heard him. Or a friend of yours overheard him

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  • He finds her attractive but the poll should have a "he is a douche and you should dump him" option.

  • He wants to have sex with her, which means yes he does find her attractive but doesn't mean he would like you more than her it just means he finds her sexually appealing.