My moms going out of town I need something fun to do?

I'm shy so i dont really have friends but
my mom and a couple siblings are leaving tomorrow and coming back Sunday or Monday

it will just be me and my sissy here and we want to do something fun
that we normally wouldn't do while she was here

a few of my sisters friends were coming over we were maybe going to have a small party
and play on my system but what are some things we should do?

Its estimated about 6 people in all that will be here
about 300 bucks in all
and 3 - 4 days

what can we do

we are both 16


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  • A keg of beer is about 300 bucks then you through a party Sell beers a 4 bucks a glass and make about 800 bucks

    • wed all be arrested

    • Just don't get caught the cops never cared about underage drinking where I lived

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