How can I not let them get to me?

My whole life I have been bullied. Told that I am ugly, stupid, bipolar, and a hoe. It has come to the point where if people do say nice things about me, I dont believe it.

Now I have gotten way prettier but I dont believe it. I got called a hoe the other day and it really got to me. I felt ugly and worthless and started attacking myself.

It has me so defencive that if someone tries to give me constructive critism (ex. You are a bit too aggressive) I get defencive and feel like they are attacking me.

How do I get over this?


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  • First you need to acknowledge that what people say to you are just empty comments. It is not the truth no matter how you spin it, and i don't even need to know you to to know that what i say is true.

    Secondly, try and take some of those compliments to heart, you'd be surprised how good they can feel when you let them in, instead of doubting them.

    Thirdly, talk to someone about it, it can definitely help a lot. I can speak for this because I grew up in a similar situation, I was bullied for quite some time and it broke me. I didn't believe in people and I always felt like when people would say they would be there for me, that they were lying. I had a hard time trusting anyone and i would keep things in, and it tore me up inside. When I met the love of my life 4 years ago, she started to pick up the pieces, and I did the same for her. Now I am feeling much better, it took a lot of time, and I may still be a little broken, but i feel much better after letting everything off of my chest.

    I apologize for going off topic a bit but, I'm sure that you are a wonderful person, and no one deserves to believe in the hurtful things that others say. Im not gonna tell you that there is an easy fix, it will take a lot of work and you still might get hurt along the way but in the end, it's still worth it.

    Ps. try to accept the compliments in my post, it may help a bit!


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  • wow this is sad... i mean actually terrible... you actually pay attention to those fuckers... here is a tip : GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET OVER IT ! Look, i don't say this out of nowhere... stuff like this was my everyday life since i was born and for 15 years... brought me up to try to kill myself... but as the attempt failed i realized that THE LESS YOU GIVE A FUCK the happier you will be... so GROW A PAIR AND MOVE ON !


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