What is - in your eyes - REAL LOVE?

I dont mean sex, I dont mean attraction,.. nothing like this. What is real love? What partners should do and opposite? Im looking for gem, not for old known sayings.


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  • To me love is when you find someone who has seen you both at your best and your worst, the good and the bad, can see all your flaws, faults and bad habits, and loves you anyway. You should be able to both have that relationship aspect where you go on dates and do romantic things, and you should also have that friendship where you can spend time together playing games or binge watching tv shows together. And you should be able to just know things about your partner and do things based on that, like if you're making dinner and you make sure to leave the tomatoes out because your partner doesn't like them or put the heat on an extra few degrees because you know when they get home they'll be cold. You know, small things that show you know and you care.


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