Does my vote for president even count?

I belong to one political party, but live in a state that is almost overwhelmingly in support of the other major party. It seems that even if a candidate wins the popular vote, it is up to that 'sneaky' electoral college to decide the fate of who becomes our next president. I really don't see the point in the last few presidential elections in voting. Is there a point? I do like local elections where my vote does seem to actually count for something as there is no other system voting other then the people at the polls.


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  • every vote counts. If everyone thought that way no one would vote

    • but where is the proof of that given the example?

    • just common sense I figured was enough...

    • this is why I gave the example. I know my vote counts in local elections, but in the complicated way it works in terms of electing a president, I feel it doesn't actually count and simply saying, oh it counts, doesn't actually explain in the example how...

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