Since it's Thursday, do you have any TBT pics? And how long ago was the pic?

Since it's Thursday, do you have any TBT pics? And how long ago was the pic?
This picture was taken in 2007. I was 27 at the time :)


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  • Ah you have a handsome face. You don't happen to be (at least some part) Cambodian, do you?

    • Thanks, hun. How did you know that I'm Khmer? Lol.

    • Hah I knew it.
      I grew up in eastside Long Beach. If you know the corner where Warren G hooked a left, that was less than 2 blocks away.
      Cambodia Town was about 5 minutes' walk south, and that shit was blowin' UP in the '80's.

      ... and not in all good ways, either. My high school was srsly overrun with baby gangsters. The Cambodian kids formed the ABZ (Asian Boyz) gang around then. They started out affiliated with local Crip sets, but, wasn't long before that went to shit. My neighborhood was a damn war zone for a couple years.

      Anyway, I have a good eye for faces, and, yours looks pretty iconically Khmer. Possibly mixed w/Chinese (but who couldn't be, in that part of the world?)
      I've also picked up some super basic basics of the Khmer language (like SUPER basic basics, lol). Can't speak it with any proficiency, but, I do some volunteer work with the gang task force, and it's fucking amazing what knowing 20 or 30 words can do, as far as bridging gaps between people.

    • Wow, that's awesome! And unfortunately, you're right. There are a lot of them in gangs in Cali (not much here in NY). That's why I hardly have any Khmer friends.

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