If someone feels the need to bring about a sore topic, are they jealous of you?

I was talking to my 'friend,' who was so dumb she couldn't even get into University.

When I went to University, I was deliberating between two of the best business schools in the country. I ended up choosing one less 'prestigious', but still really good.

To date, she reminds me of the fact that I had a club that was based on the methodology (of teaching) of that school.

It has been six years. I'm not even kidding, I reconnected with her after six years, and before I put the phone down the last thing she said was, 'remember that club based on that school?' with a laugh.

What the fuck is her problem?


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  • Just like how you think she's dumb for not going to college, she thinks the club you were in was dumb.

    • And yeah, I'd say she's jealous.

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    • I thought she looked down on me because I chose the other school and thinks I didn't have it in me to survive in the more competitive environment. I pretty much always thought this.

      It wasn't until I saw a pattern of her always mentioning it before I had to go almost like a last dig that I wondered why she does that.

      It is interesting how we don't look down on people who are, forgive my brutal honesty below us, but they don't feel any real morality dilemmas in engaging in their jealous games.

    • Yeah, jealousy prompts people to act in peculiar ways to try to cope and compensate when really, what they should do is look inside and try to heal themselves.

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