Why do I worry about everything?

Im noticing now that I literally worry about pretty much everything thats going on with me. The best example is right now im studying abroad for the year and have met this girl who I've been seeing for a few weeks now. Everyday my time is spent worrying about whether I should have a relationship with her or just be single. I worry so much about which choice is the right one because I want my time here to be the best it can be. I kinda wish that I didn't analyse everything so much and I could just go with the decision I feel is the best in the moment, but I want evrything to work out well so I overanalyse and then when I finally make a decision I spend just as much time questioning whether I have made the right decision or not.

Is anyone else like this and if so how do you overcome this?


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  • Well you could learn that girls generally find indecisive guys who worry all the time very unattractive, so you either make a decision and live with the consequences or choose to worry about it which actually becomes the cause of you blowing it.

    When you see the cause of failures get traced back to worrying about failure play out a few times you'll force yourself to stop worrying because you'll be sick of it bringing you down.

    I used to have the same problem, but now I just make the best decision I can with the information at hand and don't worry about being wrong, because the worrying itself is the worst problem, often far worse than the worst case scenario of anything I was actually worrying about.


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  • You might have some sort of anxiety


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