Girls, Anyone know another site like this?

I really hate this new version it sucks!


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  • Two Years ago, @biguyct, I had Set my own Sights On Other Such Sites But had Found None that Could Compare to this One.
    However, That was a Few Years back here, Dear, and Perhaps by Then, Things may have Changed and Now... Another site Better than This One.
    Google Search "Relationship Sites to Join" and See what Pops up. I had Many that I had looked into, Prior to GAG, but Found They were Not... Everything this Site Used to Be in my Eyes with Girls and Guys.
    Good luck. xx

    • I'm on tagged and meetme... even those are better than this and it has more options.

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    • my pleasure! ;)

    • :)) xxoo

  • I don't know any other sites like this one

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