I dont understand college? can someone explain?

okay so i know college is college but when you choose your college are you going to go to college with people that want to have the same job as you when you grow up? or is college a place for different dreams and different plans? are there public ones? what is the university of cambrgide? or I don't know how to spell it but if colleges have different kinds of people that want to do different things in life then why is my school offering a diploma for that university? and whats the difference between college and a university? please help because im currently applying for a program to help me get a diploma for that college? but is it for a certain job only? im asking this because i want to be a dancer or an actress but I don't know how college is... thanks :)


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  • Unless you're going to a specialized college, like a beauty or nursing school, colleges support like 20-30 different majors.
    Pretty much all the colleges I know of are public colleges. i only know of one private one but that's because it's privately funded I think.
    University is just a fancier college. And more expensive.