How do I redeem the points on gag?

I deactivated my acc before redeeming my points and i need to get to xper level 2 to message an admin to tell them the story ( i was xper level 8 )


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  • Those points are probably toast now.

  • U pray to the lawdy lawd


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  • from the FAQ:

    There are two ways you can do it:

    - Click Contact (found at the bottom of every GirlsAskGuys page).
    Select Redeem Xper from the Regarding drop down menu.
    Follow the instructions there for your specific request and BAM... you'll get a response within 72 hours!

    - Or you can go to your profile page, click My Xper from the left menu, then click Redeem Points, and follow the instructions.

    Remember, redeeming Xper points only affects your Redeemable total, not your Total Xper Points or your Xper Level.

    A user can redeem only 2 awards per month (every 30 days).

    • oh ok scratch this. from another account, u wouldn't be able to. u should redeem before u deactivate.