Does tripping someone several times counts as bullying?

Someone in my family mentioned the topic on school bullying and this made me think for a second:

I used to stick my foot out and tripped my now guy friend a couple times when we were kids along with either breaking his toys, surprising him with mud and him at times going home with a dirty shirt or sometimes pulled pranks on him (once time embarrassed him in front of the class by putting paint on his chair and letting him sit on it).

This got old eventually and well we grew up. He never mentioned this and got to be friends in HS ever since. I spoke to a family recently and when I shared this information, I was told this was indeed bullying. Was it?

I pretty much used to bothered him as a kid all the way till I think 6th or 7th grade. Then we got along in our later years.


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  • Well yeah if that was your intention bullying doesn't have to be severe or extreme to be bullying.

    • I was pretty mean to him as a kid. At the same time, I took advantage of his nature (I know... cowardly of me). I'm surprised we got to be friends later on and till this day he never mentioned any of this.

    • Well that's good you became friends and all that just remember though it doesn't take a lot to bully someone you have to be careful what you do.

What Girls Said 2

  • 100%. if you trip someone ONCE, that is bullying.

    • Thank you for the answer. I'm surprised we got to be friends later on and he never mentioned it. I was pretty mean to him as a kid, used to bothered him a lot probably made him hate school at the time.

  • yeah I would say it is.

    • Thank you for the answer... yet he won't mention anything about it at all. He's cool.