Why was she feeling down about how I sms her more than I call her?

I was chatting with a girl on messenger who I have been fb friends for a year and talking to for like a month and she asked for certain pictures of me and give me cetain pictures of her after that she'd tell me about her a relationship issues and I would help her get over it and she would feel good around me helping her get over it and just now she was complaining about how I sms her on messenger more than I call her what is up with her on that


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  • Depends on if you were dating at the time.

    • No she is in Georgia and I'm in Pennsylvania but even so we talk a lot online and by phone because that is our best option not unless I come visit her sometimes plus she just said she likes the way I sound and she didn't mean that to be a insult or a joke but as a compliment

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