Cross dressing?

So I love cross dressing (duh) but I'd like to ask what would the best things to wear be for me, also do u agree with it. And also I want to get new clothes but it would be weird at my age to go down and get some dressed etc, (I really hope I remember to go anonymous on this question) so yeah please help. PS I love cute

Oh and also INCREDIBLY shy


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  • Depending on what you want, you could go all out with styled hair and skirt, and really mess with other guys mind.. would be funny, no? ^.^

    • Too shy, any specific things I could wear and also ideas on how to buy the stuff?

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    • Sorry for late replies.. not getting notifications at the moment. ^.~

    • Sorry for no reply I was asleep :P

  • I'm into it myself. Love it too.
    I am guessing you have little to no clothes, no bra, no panties, etc?
    So, somehow you will need to get things. I would start with a cute sun dress, from the knees up, short sleeve, fun color. Also sandles... remember women's sizes are about a full size up till you get to 11 or so then they get weird.
    Have fun.

  • I don't know, fishnet stockings? some boots with heels

    there's always ebay

    • Don't have online banking but boots are great :P