Has anyone else quit chewing gum, because it is now sweetened with aspartame?

Aspartame is an alternative sweetener that is some reduculous amount sweeter than actual sugar, so the idea is to use less of a more potent sweetener so we can say that it's the same great taste with less calories.. Diet pop is a great example.. I won't go into the details of what it does to your body, but I recommend looking it up! Just wondering if anyone on this site might be thinking on my level:)


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  • Was never a fan of chewing gum, but I do often consume diet soft drinks. Have read about the effects of aspartame on the body, but I don't really bother too much about it.


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  • Most sugar-free gums have been sweetened with aspartame for years now. Wrigley's sugar-sweetened gum does not have aspartame, for example.

    • I am aware of this, I have not chewed gum for almost 5 years now.. I have looked for alternative gums, chiklits, zebra stripe, and of course organic is what I've found.. Never knew of that kind, thank you for sharing.

  • Long time ago.

    Now I chew sugar free gum once in a while.

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