Has the notification on GAG now become useless?

I have over 200 notifications. .. no way am i scanning through them all tosee if i have a new answer etc


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  • 1. You can manage which notifications you receive by going to your settings page and unchecking the notifications you no longer want to receive. Then click "save."

    2. If you go to your actual notifications page (go to your profile and click on the tab that says "Notifications" on the left side bar, right under "Summary"), there is a new button in the top right corner that says "Mark all as read." Click that button to clear all of your notifications.


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  • It's insanely obnoxious. I have no need to know that Anonymous selected someone else's opinion over mine. Nor do I need to know that So and So asked a new question. I'll figure that out on my own.

  • You can change what notifications you get in your Settings panel...

  • You are lucky. I'm getting none at all


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