What do bar managers do with confiscated alcohol? Please read?

Me and my friend are only 17 and obviously the legal age to drink is 18. Last night we got hold of some vodka and Coca Cola from the shop and went into a bar and sat down, ready to drink some of the drink in our bag.
I went to the toilet and stupidly my friend went to the bar to try and buy some shots, and they asked for ID. She just said "hold on my friend might have my ID" (obviously we didn't have ID) and then she followed me into the toilet. She told me what had happened, and then we were like omg we should leave now.
next minute, the bar manager and two bouncers came into the toilet and said "we're searching your bags" and took all our drink away. We then followed them to the bar, and the manager had a walkie talkie and I think she was telling the police to be on the look out for two girls of our description, and I think she might've called the police on us.
and then I turned around to the bouncer and said "can I quickly go outside for a fag?" And he just said "yeah that's fine"
and my friend followed me, and then we both did a runner. We didn't want to get in trouble because we'd be in deep shit.
What would they of done with our confiscated drinks?
(btw don't worry we're never doing it again)


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  • They would have thrown it out.

    • Thought so. My friend was freaking out saying what if they take dna swabs 😂

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  • They either handed them to the police or they went in the trash.

    • What's the point in handing it over to the police though?

    • @Asker You said they called the police. If they showed up and decided to investigate the bar would have handed it over to them. Whether the police would take it as evidence or just throw it away depends on if they plan to investigate or not.

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  • Seriously... you went into a bar to drink stuff you brought it... that's so disrespectful😂😂

    • Yeah well disrespectful or not, we were just having a good time and that's not my question