What's your favorite potato chip flavor?

What's your favorite potato chip flavor?


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  • Limón? Thats the first time i even see it! 😱 I love them all, but i love the barbeque , cheese and onion the most, oh and i love the salt and vinegar as well... You can say all, of them 😆😆

    • Haha they are all good! And you have to try límon it's so good!!!

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    • Haha you live in Spain right? I want to visit there it's so gorgeous

    • Yep I'm living in Spain for now ( Ceuta ) and I'm so in love with this small city I swear 😍😆😂 it is gorgeous as long as no one is racist against you 😅 ( thats one of the reasons I love it in Ceuta, u can rarely find racists) thats how its supposed to be 😌 I hope you have fun when u visit, by the way 😊

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