SOS-- Can someone just tell me what I need to do? My heart says to continue to let him in & trust his lies... But my brain says I'd be a fool?

We are 22, in college. All I know of his previous sexual activity is that he had sex with a girl 3 months before me (when we had sex 2 months ago). He said he has never had a girlfriend. He doesn't usually like girls that way. He is too busy right now with his track season & traveling to think of a girlfriend (it lasts til June).

When we met I was planning on doing my first ever one night stand. LMAO, as if. I caught full feels for the dude. We kept in contact and kept meeting to have sex for these last 2 months. He promised me when I told him my rules to our arrangement, that we are exclusive sex partners.. No other chick can get his dick and same for me. Then I caught him doing some sketchy behavior with a chick on social media, but he claimed it was his friend since they live together. I told him goodbye -and I was serious, but he Kept texting me to "trust him, he doesn't need anyone if he has me, that I just need to trust him" etc. it all seems TOO sketchy to take his fibs, I told him he has to promise on our deal, that I won't have it if he continues this, and once again he said he promised.

Im tempted now to tell him that he has to get to know me as a person before we do anything again because I know what I want and it isn't "this." I have limited sugar and I want it reserved for a man who is well invested. I have so much love to give, and this isn't where it should be spent.

What do I do? I have never felt such a battle between my head and heart and I can't take it anymore. I am done playing the fool. Will my message be the end of him?

  • Leave him, now! There's no way this man will settle down now.
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  • Stay, i think he has potential if you tell him what you want.
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What Guys Said 1

  • I want to know if you two are doing non-sexual stuff in your relationship, or if it is just sex? Have you ever taken the initiative to do non-sexual activities? Does he?

    • We haven't.
      We have watched Netflix.
      We talk for like a half hour or so. n

    • In the beginning he acted like he wanted to, like take me to dinner, but then his track season started and he ran out of time and so yeah it has only been sex

What Girls Said 1

  • Always trust your gut. Your heart will lie to you every time.