Does Anyone Else Hate These GAG Notifications?

GAG... WTF are you doing? It just took me an hour to clear nearly 600+ notifications. I hate the new notificaiton system, it's annoying... kinda like spam mail in your inbox -_-

Do you like the new notification system?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. You could have gone to your notifications page (from your profile, click on the tab that says "Notifications" on the left side bar, under "Summary") and clicked the "Mark all as read" button in the top right corner to clear all of your notifications at once.

    2. If you go to your settings page, scroll down to where it says "notifications" then you can uncheck all of the notifications you no longer want to receive. Then click "save."

    • HoneyxBee... Gag is a little anti-admin right now. y'all kind ain't welcome here right now.

      "Looks angrily at HoneyxBee"

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  • There are far too many and with the questions always closing any question that has a poll sends a notification. It's super annoying.

  • You can make it so you don't get them in the settings

    • Really? Lol... I had no idea -_-

  • I don't get notified when someone reply or like my opinions !! I only get pointless notifications like Vote results 👎🏼

  • Hate it with a passion.


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