Retail workers: When were YOU the one who messed up?

We all know that the customer isn't always right. However, sometimes, we weren't always the innocent ones either. Tell a story about the time when you, your coworker, or your manager got something wrong. Did the situation get fixed and if so, how?

Here's my story...

A few years ago, a customer came into my store looking for a suit. I found one that he liked and marked it for alterations... except that I forgot to mark the pants for the length! I didn't realize my mistake until about an hour or so after he'd left the store. Making matters worse, he lived an hour away.

I spent the entire evening in a panic trying to figure out how I was going to fix the situation without having to have him drive all the way back out to get measured. Eventually, I noticed that my coworker was almost the exact same size. I asked him to try the pants on so that I could measure him and mark the pants. I never heard anything about it after that, so I'm guessing it all worked out.

"But why didn't you ask the manager what to do?" Yeah... about that. See, the thing is... I WAS the manager on duty when this happened!
Retail workers: When were YOU the one who messed up?


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  • So I work at a hospital and this one night... my patient kept calling the desk and saying that bugs were on her ceiling. Well she gets sundowners a lot and it was bedtime, but I go in, check it out, no bugs on the ceiling, "Mrs. Lady you're fine, no bugs on the ceiling, go back to sleep". Go back to my computer. 10 minutes later call bell rings..."there's bugs on my ceiling". Walk in, confirm there's no bugs, back to my computer. This happens about 5 times and I finally start just canceling her calls. A few hours into this I finally decide the bell is making me crazy, walk in, flip on the lights, look up and... realize there are bugs on her ceiling. This poor lady is bed bound and has bugs running back and forth across the light over her bed. Roaches... running... across the light. I couldn't see them with the light off because they are actually in the ceiling 😬😂

    Pretty good save you had though!

    • Wow that's... pretty nasty.

      Yeah, I don't think the store manager ever found out...

  • Well... when I was working at a department store this lady totally conned me. She "returned" a jacket back to the store. I was a little suspicious but shook it off thinking that it was probably nothing to serious, just a simple return. Well after she left I found put the jacket wasn't even a jacket from our store that she returned.
    I screwed that up big time. But in my defense, I was a new employee and was just starting out on the register so I didn't really know what I was doing. I felt so bad cz I gave that lady $250. But it was a temporary job and the next day was my last day there.


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