What is your routine before going to bed?

Like for me brushing my teeth and then taking a shower. Making sure I pee and have a glass of water next to me. Last charge my phone to then sleep. What about you?

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What is your routine before going to bed?
Step 1 also

Step 2 (peeing).. lol!

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Step 4 (getting some rest)

Goodnight everyone on gag and sleep well!


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  • Contrary to that picture you've posted, research has actually shown that taking a hot shower is bad to fall asleep, rather than helpful. The reason for this is that by taking a hot shower, you raise your inner body temperature and this produces hormones that make you feel more awake again. The human body generally likes to be coolish when it goes on standby, which is why the inner body temperature decreases about 1 degree when you sleep. So being sort of coolish (not cold though) is actually better to fall asleep.

    Personally, I don't have a very long routine to go to bed. I usually brush my teeth and I always take my eye drops (I have a visual disability and need to take eye drops and eye ointments several times a day). After that, I make sure I pee and then I'm ready to go to bed :-). Sometimes I like to read a bit before I sleep, either something for fun or something I have to read for Uni. But it's not something I do every night.

    • Thank you so much for your opinion and advice. I will try and take a warm shower. But I love love hot water.. lol! :-)

    • I like it too :-). I don't take showers in the evening (I don't really see the point) but I like to take a hot shower in the morning, especially on cold winter mornings. I love to just stand there and let the water run over my skin. If I don't have to go to Uni, my morning shower can easily take 20-25 minutes :-).

    • That sounds so good.. hahahaha ! :-)

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  • All of the above but I would also masturbate most nights as I find I go to sleep easier after I cum

    • So every night you masturbate?

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    • I'm not sure about other guys but I've been doing it since I was around 5 years old. I suppose if I had a woman sleeping with me I probably wouldn't need to do it. Don't you ever masturbate to relieve physical tension?

    • Well I am married don't really need to. But I guess I can understand not being in a relationship. Thank you for answering my questions.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly7SkvQ-tVU

    The guy in the brown jacket is based on me ;)

  • Brushing my teeth and usually a walk, other then that it's complete spontaneity.

  • Brush teeth, remove all clothes, get in bed.


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  • - Wash my face and 'private' areas and stuff.
    - Brush my teeth.
    - Brush my hair.
    - Get into pajamas.
    - Make sure to have a drink nearby, usually flavoured water.
    - Allow the boyfriend to fuss over making the bed perfect for him to sleep in.
    - Get into bed.
    - Possibly fool around. If so, I'll usually get up and wash again.
    - Go to sleep.

  • Depends, but brushing my teeth, washing my face, and charging my phone are in there. I may shower and dry my hair, but not always.

  • I take a shower about three hours before bed, so it won't keep me up
    Play Diablo III with the fiance
    Wash, tone, moisturize and spot treat my face.
    Make sure I have a cup of water near by
    Get undressed
    Have sex
    Check that the alarm is set
    Then cuddle and talk to my babe until we fall asleep.

  • brush my teeth, apply some cream, remove my clothes, prepare my clothes for tomorrow, go in my bed, watch some video, listen to music, reading and sleeping