Could my friend that has passed be following me?

So on of my best friends Mackanzie was diagnosed with cancer passed on Valentines Day and weird things since then have been happening. One of my other best friends who is Mackanzie's sister has also had very weird things happening to their family. They've felt things and when they were at the burial a little girl was there and she looked at the picture of Mackanzie and looked up and smiled at the sky. They've also had music start playing out of nowhere and the creepiest part is that it's One Direction music and Mackanzie loved One Direction. I was telling my mom all of these things one day in the car and all of a sudden the radio out of nowhere came on. And my mom had shut it off before and nobody had touched it since. My mom haven't noticed it and I did because it was a bunch of static with voices that where muffled. I've felt things in my room like I'm being watched and I've seen things out of the corner of my eye. I have 3 cats and 2 of them like to always be in my room on my bed. I've seen them both looking in one corner of my room a lot and I've also looked in that corner a lot because there's something about it. They're eyes have also followed something across the room. This all started after one day I went to Mackanzie's house and into her room. I looked around at everything and I started talking and I said I would take care of here sister and she didn't need to worry about her. I don't know if it is Mackanzie just checking up on me or if it's just my mind playing tricks on me.


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  • I'm sorry for you loss but who knows maybe she's following you. To me it almost sounds like she's a guardian angel to you :) She's there to watch out for you


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