How to fix a glitch in HD video's?

When I play HD video's on my laptop (1080p) they seem to glitch: whenever the image is moving fast, there are stripes running trough the video. Is it a problem in the video-file, is my laptop not able to play the file correctly, am I doing something wrong? Does anyone know how I can fix this?How to fix a glitch in HD video's?


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  • You need to activate deinterlacing. Not all player have it. I can help with that if you need further explanations.

    • It's usually under video options, or rendering options.

    • It's usually originated from files that are not progressive, such as recorded TV shows, that are 1080i. Instead of progressive (1080p). Even if it was redenderd as 1080p, it was probably recorded in 1080i. Or they just put the name as 1080p...

      On windows, I recomend potPlayer or vlc, for mac, vlc is the easiest option

    • Got it! Thank you so much :D

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  • Lower the quality your laptop is not strong enough to run a high quality video.

    • just in case you ever face the same situation, check my answer. There's no need to lower the quality, just select the right rendering mode

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