Can child be jealous of an adults looks?

My daughter is 7 and displays signs of jealousy. For instance a makeup commercial will come on and she will bad mouth the women in the commercial. Also she has an aunt who is very pretty and tall like a model and she will say she is ugly or draw her in an ugly way. This is scary because I didn't know children could be jealous of adults looks. We try to build her self esteem all the time so she is not deprived of attention. Any thoughts?


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  • Maybe you're building her self-esteem a little too much.

    • Maybe so? My mom keeps telling her she's a movie star this may be a problem

    • Haha. Yeah, it seems like a lot of focus on beauty/fame with kids either makes them feel eternally inadequate or objectively superior, neither of which are good.

      TBH, my parents never talked about self-esteem or feelings or anything like that, and I turned out okay. I get good grades, stay out of trouble, and hold a job. As long as your kid learns to socialize properly and treat others kindly, you're fine.

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  • Cut the T. V and take her out more, doing outdoor stuffs.


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  • Easily. When I was a kid I only had crushes on my teachers.


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  • I wouldn't worry about it so much seeing as she is so young. Just try to keep her self esteem up, and hhopefully it will all work out.

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