What part of Russia has the most black people?

My goal is to travel to just about every country in the world. I want to be a foreign exchanhe student. I want to try Russia first, because i've always been interested in their country. I don't know why. I just am. The thing is i've never been around a lot of white people. I heard majority of people in Russia are racists and I don't want to experience that. So where in Russia, is there the most black people?


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  • So am I right in assuming you are black?

    Taken from...

    "Black visitors will also have to be extra careful when they venture outside of Moscow into the rest of Russia. In a chilling warning, the Russia expert of New Republic, Julie Ioffe, said, “There’s quite a bit of violence against people considered to be Black” in Russia, raising new fears about the safety of Olympic athletes, visitors and media attending the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Ioffe warned that nowhere in Russia is safe for a person of color to visit, outside of Moscow’s city center.
    During an “Ask Me Anything” discussion on the social media site Reddit, Ioffe was asked by a Black college student whether it is safe for an African-American to study in Russia.
    Here’s her answer:
    “Hmmmm, that’s a tough one. I think that, for the most part, you’d be okay — if you consider people glaring at you and cracking racist jokes okay. (Russians are, er, not the most tolerant bunch.) There’s quite a bit of violence against people considered to be black, which includes, in the Russian mind, people from Central Asia and the Caucasus. My advice is go, but stick to the city center and try to go to a bigger city like Moscow. (St. Pete is crawling with skinheads.) Be extra, extra careful and make sure the American Embassy knows you’re there. They have a special unit to deal with threats to American citizens, so you should report anything that happens immediately.”"

    So basically avoid St. Pete, and go to a larger city like Moscow. Also tell the American Embassy to make sure they know you are there.

  • I wouldn't say Russia is a very good place to choose

  • I doubt there are any blacks in Russia... they are pale as fuck most of 'em...

    • Mr. Jackson visited for a few months. Look what happened

      awful joke

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