Why are you pro-life?

I am pro choice, and I mean no hate. I just wanna know why you are pro life.


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  • 48 hours after conception all the DNA of the child is formed. John legends wife just came out and said when she got ivf she had several fertilized embryos and she chose the girl. You know Its a girl when it's a fertilized egg. To me that is life. I think women should be allowed to make their own choices but science knows it a life, but they need fetuses to experiment with.

    • So I'm confused are you pro-life or pro-choice?

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    • yea my point science benefits from women getting abortions.

    • Yessss. Not only science but the benefit of choice

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  • I am pro life because I believe that at the moment of conception a new human life officially begins. From that, I would disagree that it is our right as humans to kill fetuses, which I consider full fledge humans just not born.

    Responsibility should be taken before sex and people should realize possible consequences to actions before hand. No matter of birth control is 100% effective and comes without risk. If the baby happens, it sucks, sure, but responsibility should be taken and the baby should be seen through to the end.

    On matters of the darker side of sex such as rape, I would still say the baby should be born... and... if they still don't the baby, give it up for adoption. Many people would argue that the baby growing up 'in the system' or 'unwanted' is worse than the child ever being born. I would argue otherwise. We don't know what the child is going to be in life and we are trying to decide for them and taking out all the options.
    With this kind of argument, It is essentially deciding that we know what the future will hold. And, since we are not in the movie "Paycheck," there is no way to know as humans the possibilities of the future.

    Another pro choice argument I've heard is saying that people will get back-alley abortions regardless of whether it is legal or not. From that, I would argue that us making abortion illegal delegitimizes it. It tells society "this is not ok to do." Sure, some extreme cases will go for back alley abortions, but I believe that making abortion illegal would severely decrease the amount of abortions performed on the whole.
    Many people also like to bring up drugs into the argument, often inserting a willy wonka meme and saying to "tell me how stopping drugs is working." To that, I say that they are different objects for one thing -- one doesn't/can't commercialize abortion... and secondly, having illegal drugs still stops all the citizens who would partake in it if it weren't illegal. Having things illegal stops people from thinking it is ok.

    The only possible reason I can see of aborting a baby, and even this requires case-by-case analysis, is when the baby is, in essence, killing the mother from severe medical conditions during childbirth. I have heard it happening (although rare).

    • EDIT: and... if they still don't ***want*** the baby

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    • Have you seen the videos of pregnancy videos?

    • Yes, I have. And I still stand by with what I say.

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  • The fetus' heart starts beating at 18 days. It is a baby and a human, just in the early stage of life and has the rights of a human. The number of weeks old it is when you can kill it is just an arbitrary number of weeks that someone picked, and, the number of weeks changes... because it is arbitrary. The fetus is human and has human rights.

  • A fetus has a heartbeat, so I'd be pro-life (although I think late-term should be illegal) if it wasn't for the overcrowding in adoption centers and foster homes - with the exceptions of rape, incest and the mother's life being in danger.

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