Dated a guy for 2 months before we hit an obstacle in our relationship and ended it. Now what?

I was dating a guy for about 2 months, everything was going really great until something came up. Let's just call it an accident and you can for sure take that literal. One day i knew something was up when he didn't want to talk, so i told him that i would just send him (something that he left with me) and he would never have to see me again. He then gave me the address to send it to. I then asked him if that meant that he never wanted to see me again (he didn't respond) So I texted him again saying that i was sorry and this has all been a lot on me and that i wanted to see him again but understood that he didn't want to see me again and told him that i could respect that. (still no response) Anyways, i never sent him his thing. And he hasn't spoken to me since. I'm wondering if you think that he's just setting space between us or if you think that he'll never speak to me again? He hasn't deleted me off of facebook. And it's been like 10 days since we last spoke.

Thanks in advance


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  • probably give him some time and space to clear his mind. iunno if it was an affair sort of thing, or something of that breed, but when an accident happens and tensions run high, we act emotionally faster than rationally. once things settle down, then I'm sure he'll respond gut give him a week or two


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