Which GAGer from here do you believe fights with other GAGers more often?

There was a guy here who was 17... and he was always fightin' wid other members especially about politics... I won't say who although he's inactive now...


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  • If I said I think it would be considered a member post. He's a teen though I believe still active though to my knowledge


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  • Wait he deactivated?
    I thought he was still here I saw one of his posts like 2 days ago.

    I don't know maybe me since I say it like it is.

    • Just checked. Guess we were thinking of a different person since the guy I'm referring to is still here.

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    • No I was thinking of another guy his name starts with Z

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Myself... pretty feisty, but it's usually only in response to someone commenting aggressively towards me.


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