My family keep saying I have a bad personality I want to cry so bad. What should I do? How can I change my crappy, selfish personality?


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  • Work on improving it! The first step is to recognize both your positive and negative traits. You could even write them down. Pay attention to your typical reaction to things, the way you speak, and how you treat others. Think of the people YOU are drawn to and what makes you drawn to them. Do they typically say nice things instead of focusing on the negative? Do they make an effort to get along with everyone? Do they treat others with respect and consideration?

    Then start working on displaying more positive traits. No matter what you do or say, think, "If I were on the receiving end, how would I feel about this? How would I react to this? Is what I'm about to say positive and helpful or negative and unnecessary? Is this an appropriate reaction? What's a better way I could do or say this?"

    It's going to take time to see a true change, and some traits are so deeply ingrained you may have to work at them for a very long time. But the point is to make PROGRESS.

    • Thank you so much that's really helpful!

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  • I am very skilled in personality training and other things as a proffessional actor.

    Do me a favor for 1-2 minutes, think about your last bad situation and then think about how long ago it was and how its irrelevant now. Then think the same thing for this bad situation and know it will be irrelevent next month.


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