You can't add an opinion anymore, but you can still like and reply or ask your own question?

What's the point in that? Very immature for G@G staff to do this to us.
I bet a troll joined the staff team, or they're doing heavy hane.

  • A new trollface staff has been recruited.
    Vote A
  • They're all trollface staffmembers.
    Vote B
  • Staff all guilty of doing heavy crack.
    Vote C
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What Girls Said 2

  • I don't understand what you're talking about. Do you mean the questions closing?

    • Yeah there has to be a dumb reason for them to add it.

    • I have no idea. All I can think is that they need server space or something.

  • Yeah, it sucks.
    I vote B & C


What Guys Said 2

  • Meh give it time they'll change it back.

    • Wanna make a bet post on that? I say they don't.

    • Hold that thought, I made it already.

    • Take it however you want they took away the downvote option but we complained to them and a big deal about it and they caved like usual, and are giving it back to us, this will be no different.

      And if our outrage doesn't make them change it then the people leaving the site and the lack of activity will, at the end of the day, activity equals profits and getting the word around that this place is on the map, and that's all they care about, so it's a if we're happy then they're happy type of thing, we're the life blood of this place, take us away and they're nothing.

  • The admins have it backwards.