Why is GaG such a shit community?

I literally think Yahoo is 10 times better.
All people reply to these days is basically 1. sex 2. how do i look and 3. stupid and pointless polls (ex: whats your favorite ice cream flavor)
Nowadays when someone is in actual need no one seems to fucking care.
The website is called GirlsAskGuys not LetsWasteOurLives
For example i'm in desperate need of aid with math right now, and i've been trying but I can't seek any answers from anywhere else, so I came here, but right now people seem to be interested in takes about how "I hate human beings" ._.


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  • Yahoo may answer the questions involving math, but as a former avid yahoo answers member, lemme tell you-- yahoo answers is pretty awful compared to GAG lol.
    To just list off some reasons:
    -There is no community feel. It gets boring after awhile. You can only answer something and move on.
    -Most people don't put any time and effort into answers. GAGers in generally express their thoughts MUCH more.
    -The site layout of Y! A is kind of crap ever since they switched from green some years ago.
    -You don't get giftcards for answering stuff.
    -You can PM people for additional help.

    GAG primarily focuses on relationships and things like that, but it also has sections for sex / how do I look (which few sites have) / silly stuff.

    People hardly answer your stuff on Yahoo Answers actually. You'll get like 3 responses max per average question. I've had many questions go unnoticed on Yahoo, and that was when I really needed help as well.

    To summarize: I disagree with your statement: The community is not shit. It isn't perfect, but it is the best I've seen so far.

    Math questions here tend to go unnoticed on GAG because...
    1.) GAGers know more about relationship stuff like that rather than academic things.
    2.) Teachers and such are better instructors when it comes to this. If it was too late to get teachers help by the time the assignment came out (especially in the middle of the night before it is due), that, to be frank, is the fault of the question asker for procrastinating.
    However, there are sources like Khan Academy. Sure, they won't tell direct answers, but they help greatly in solving math. Typing stuff in directly via Youtube also is nice.
    3.) The "how to" in the math makes sense for getting help with (albeit GAG is not the best place for it), but the math itself should be done by you. It is your homework and is meant to help you get better. Also, many people do not enjoy doing math in the first place when it has no benefit for them. It is a lot of work.

    You also asked the question in the middle of the night (for people in the US -- the largest user base), and didn't give it time to get responses.
    It is totally your choice to procrastinate on homework or ask a question on it and hope for the best. However, asking the question with unfavorable circumstances and stereotyping GAG as a shit community seems a bit uncalled for in my opinion.

    I don't mean to sound mean or such as I write this, but just want you to see things from the other angles.


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  • GaG is not a math tutoring website. There are websites for that purpose. Yahoo has a much more broader community with sub-categories. Like any site, there are internet trolls. Whereas people will make Takes about how they hate human beings, Yahoo answers has a plethora of people who have multiple fake accounts going around trolling. Have fun with Yahoo... I would avoid it like the plague. That's just me.

    • I've tried mathway, khan academy, etc. And lets say I don't know any websites for that purpose (which I don't!) then i'd have to go on here to ask for some, and i'd still get no reply. Its an endless pithole.

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    • 1. I've had tons of work this weekend and it was my mom's birthday so please don't judge me on the times I decide to work on things when you don't know the full story
      2. I don't expect people to "do my homework for me", if you would have actually read the actual math post, you'd understand that I didn't just want answers but a walkthrough or a walkthrough alone (but sometimes thats too much work for some people). I've actually been searching since 11:30 (thats now 3 hours) for answers but i've gotten nothing.
      3. I am most certainly not whoever the fuck you had the experience with and i'm surprised of a 50 year old man to be saying that? "I won't ever waste my time helping someone with math bc this one person didn't thank me" What makes you think I wouldn't gratefully thank you because 1 person out of 7 billion didn't?

    • #asker:

      1. Prioritize.
      2. I saw the math question. Someone did do the first problem for you.
      3. I never said you were that person, as that person didn't even realize that putting money into a bank account is always a credit transaction and the offsetting transaction must be a debit to another general ledger account. That's first day accounting stuff.

      That said, you probably need to familiarize yourself with the posting guidelines here which state that questions not permitted here include "Help me with my homework!" types of questions.


      Have a nice evening!

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  • Well I guess it is how one views it.. I do not think it is how you are saying at all.. it is the one truly great site besides my online golf game that I enjoy being a part of.. yes there are those kinds of questions.. but you pick and choose what ones you want to see.. I like being able to suggest my honest opinion's to people that ask a question.. and hope that in some small way my advice may be something they could use,, but all my opinion's are just that.. opinion's.. and never carved in stone.. and hope none of what I say ids taken the wrong way. take care

    • Thanks for your wise words and point of view. I should probably try looking at the glass half full and not half empty. there's a lot of good on this website I guess i'm just frustrated at the fact i've been experiencing more bad than good, but it doesn't mean this website is complete shit, it really just depends on everyone's personal experience..

  • That's your own perception of it. I once (if not twice already) asked math related questions and in the last one actually made a friend through it. And I myself managed to help out once with some math.

    But anyway, since you caught mine and are sure to catch other's attention with that clickbait title, post your math problem in an update. Perhaps someone can help.

    P. S. IF you really hate it here so much then nobody's forcing you to stay.

    • i've been updating it but i'm not so sure people are willing to help. My title wasn't clickbait though o_o

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    • I can't see your anon questions.

    • its up now, i didn't realize it was anon, sorry.

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  • I know, right?

  • top kek

  • Because the site is run by amatures. also, as bad as the site is for getting real advice, yahoo is far worse

  • Well leave then.

    • I have xD i came back to ask the math questions
      i was a pretty high xper and i quit, so i only came back momentarily bc i really need it.

    • I feel used

  • Okay, bring on your maths problem and stop bitching. I'll solve it.

    • id give u the link but i'd have to xper 2
      mind taking a stroll down my profile to my questions?
      tysm though T^T (':

  • Yahoo wants to know your mobile phone no. GAG has never asked me for that.

  • the fuck? so this isn't LetsWasteOurLives? It's not MathTalk either.

    • omg so funny! witty comeback alert! :)

    • But helping others with math problems is much more reasonable than helping others decide what brand of tissue paper to pick up on their next stop at costco. I've seen questions like that.

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  • if u don't like GaG, then no one is forcing u to stay.
    by the way, this isn't a site where we're supposed to help u with ur homework. u should invest in a tutor, send ur teacher an email, or seek help from a friend.

  • Maybe they don't understand the math question themselves. Or they think that someone else is going to help you understand it better then they can. Which is why you are not getting any hits on the question.

    • If they don't thats perfectly fine! But i'd expect them to be kind of easy for an adult, its actually just algebra.

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    • aww man that sucks bad. But i hope you find your answer. And hopefully you come back to gag if you want. we are not that bad :) well at least no all of us!
      take care

    • thank you! you too

  • Wow, so this is all because people didn't answer your question? That's sad lol, you sound bitter. Just because things don't go your way doesn't mean you get to throw a tantrum.

  • there are a lot of friendly and helpful people in this community. i enjoy learning new things and hearing from people who have experience in certain areas i'm not familar with.