Am I living in some kind of farcical sketch comedy?

So I'm on my lunch break at work, eating my lunch in the lunch room, minding my own business checking my facebook and twitter updates when this asshole and what I could only describe as his sidekick walk in and say to me:

"Hey big guy (and I'm not even big) what do you got there in your packed lunch?"
And I say:
"Its just a smoked salmon sandwich"
And then he reacts with a kind of condescending bemusement and shakes his head and says "fag" and then laughs and they walk off mocking me saying "its just a smoked salmon sandwich" and saying "what a fag".

And they both had small tubs of fruit salad with plastic forks. Like, what the fuck?
Am I missing something here?


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  • wow and these guys made it to adulthood and employed?

  • Only a person that's like him would get that, so don't occupy your mind with crap.

    • Just wondering if I was missing something other than the guy is just a dick

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