What Bluetooth earbuds do you use at the gym?

Do they skip at all or is the connection strong?


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  • most Bluetooth ear buds are pretty good these days. try to find a pair that feels good in your ear and has good sound quality. Typical name brands will suffice for gym wear. I would not, i repeat NOT ever by Beats by Dre unless you feel like wasting your money.

    • I'd be interested to try those just for the sake to see what they are like and return them. I had skullcandy wireless earbuds that were like 100 bucks and they skipped a lot. I didn't know if that's common with Bluetooth earbuds or if most don't do that.

    • honestly I have never had a problem with any I've bought. I do however think Beats is junk (sound and quality) Skullcandy is what it is. Sony, Phillips, BA, all have held up for me.