If you were rich would you eat more/differently?

Would you eat more if you were rich? Or just more expensive food?
I'd probably eat more if I could afford it :P

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  • I'd eat the same amount but more expensive food
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  • I'd eat the same, I can afford whatever I want
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  • I'd eat less (cocaine? :P)
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  • Other?
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  • I most likely wouldn't change my eating habits if I were rich.


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  • I would buy the most luxurious foods, like actual vanilla beans (which cost a fortune) for me to make vanilla cupcakes with! And when I go to the farmers market I would not skimp on exotic fruits and teas! Yum! :D

  • I'd eat healthier probably, because junk food is cheap and it's good food that is expensive.

  • I'd eat healthier. Stuff that's bad for you is cheap.😐


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