Is it bad I am a unpleasant person?

I personally don't care what people think of me. Like i said to my classmates i would hit a woman if she tried to hurt me and they all went mad. Like what is the point? i try to be as nice as i can to people, but when i don't like something about someone i say it to them. How do you deal with a person like me?


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  • a good way to go. people nowdays are pussies and can't deal with other opinions. this is their problem, not yours. if woman attacks me I will defend myself no question.

    • How do you respond to white knights and radical feminists who will try to put all the blame on you tough?

    • I will be most likely to don't give a fuck.

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  • Not bad at all. In fact, the place has been in need of a breath of putrid air for some time now, and you seem like the perfect guy for the job!