This is more of an automotive question but. What should I do if I go in for an oil change and they forget to install the new filter?

I have a 9-3 that I bought about half a year ago
I wasn't sure what oil it used before, so I brought it to pepboys.
I bought the new oil (0w-20) and a new filter.
I paid $80 for the labor alone. Oil and filter was about 55$ so total 130$
I directly gave the guy the gallon of oil and the filter.
*2 hours later*
I drive home but I noticed on the floor of the passenger side
Was my new oil filter just sitting there in the box?
L. O. L
What should I do?


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  • may I kindly inquire where the living fuck you live, where yr paying $130 for an oil change? holy sweet Lawd m'dear

    • LOL the most overrated city in the world, nyc! =)

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    • Staten Island lol, i've had a lot of problems with pepboys, they charged me for a complimentary engine diagnostic 80$ when I had my alternator replaced there and I flipped a shit. Like I know what's wrong with it, it needs a new alternator. They told me to replace my ism would have been 300$ because of the type of car I had, I was like that's a f*cking joke right? I bought the part for 50$ somewhere else and I did it myself in 15 minutes.

    • Don't ever go to big name-brand chains. Ever.

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  • Go elsewhere


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  • You should check if they installed their own new filter instead of yours