How should I get rid of him?

We met on an app and he told me he wasn't interested in dating me (this wasn't a dating app btw). I thought that was perfect bc I dont wanna date anyone so we casually hung out as friends one time and it went alright I guess. He is like 10-11 years older than me so it felt like I was hanging out with my dad. Anyway he always texts me wanting to get together again and he even calls me "beautiful" and "babe". Why would he do that if he wasn't interested? It's getting too annoying now and I dont even want anything to do with this guy anymore. Advice? Does he actually seem interested in me to you?


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  • Well I say, just Block his ass and cut him off for good or something and then move on to somebody else. Otherwise get a whole new phone number or something.

    I think he sounded like he's some horny gross pervert anyway lol :-P

    • We aren't dating so it's not like I have to move on. He said he didn't wanna date but acts like he does. Unless I'm interpreting it all wrong. He just always wants to hang out as in wants to go out and do something.

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  • He is probably just looking to get laid. Block him if you aren't interested.

    • Ok, he always want to hang out as in actually go out and do something. I don't know if that changes anything. He also talked about taking me to a theme park which freaked me out bc I barely know him and I don't feel comfortable traveling 2 hours with someone I hardly know maybe that is just me.

    • No you're right don't go to the theme park with him lol. Most guys know that girls expect to be taken on dates before they give it up, so that's probably his thinking on taking you somewhere. Be safe and trust your own judgement.

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