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You have an awesome new Job at the company of your dreams. Income is insane, benefits are great. Lots of paid time off and you're respected for the work you do.

You're at the office Christmas party one weekend and you've had a bit to drink. Not a lot, but enough to get loose. When the workplace janitor comes onto you. This guy is just disgusting. He's fat and smells, not just because he's dealing with trash all day either. No one really likes the guy. You turn him down early in the night and he tries again later when you've had a bit more to drink. Again, not drunk and you're coherent enough to make your own decisions. He comes onto you and you go alone with him to another room. For the sake of argument, there's only 2 scenarios that happen and you gotta pick.

Would you rather...

You sleep with him and no one in the office knows, but you and him. He's discreet and won't tell a soul.


You turn him down and leave him in the room.. but everyone in your office sees you and think you did sleep with the janitor and they all subsequently lose respect for you.

  • Sleep with the janitor in secret. Don't want to ruin a good thing
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  • Let everyone think what they want. I'll have my self respect at least
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  • I wouldn't do it and let everyone think I did. I can just tell them it didn't happen.


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  • I wouldn't be so vulnerable as to put myself in that position in the first place , but to go along with your question... i would choose option B. I don't sleep around with men

    People who know me and matter to me would never believe such rumours. Besides, I have self-respect so gaining respect from people who want to believe in their own perception of me is irrelevant to me. My own self-worth and self-respect isn't gained by other peoples opinions of me

    • And that's how most people are I imagine. That's why I said, for the sake of argument you just made a mistake and are stuck in this situation.

    • I'm not sticking to something which is inconceivable to me

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